Run 'Active Dendrites and Sparse Representations for Continual Learning' on Windows

Going Beyond the Point Neuron: Active Dendrites and Sparse Representations for Continual Learning

When I run the code in the paper above,i have many problems.
When I use ray==0.8.7,it prints in the picture below.And the firewall is colsed.

Could you give me some help? Thank you very much!

When i use ray==1.11.0 , it prints:

Try 0.8.3 as it is suggested here ?

Also redis support forums could be more helpful

I tried it and it didn’t work

Then how about trying the other “it”.

Redis is a project on its own. People here and in ML in general:

  • use mostly Linux for testing and developing. They will have difficulties in replicating Windows issues and figuring out what could have failed in your case.
  • there is even lower chance they-re so knowledgeable about Redis (which isn’t HTM nor ML) in order to fix it.

when i run ‘python -e prototype_10’
always error:
from ray.tune.trial_runner import _TuneFunctionDecoder
ImportError: cannot import name ‘_TuneFunctionDecoder’ from ‘ray.tune.trial_runner’

Hello everyone.
when i run ‘python -e prototype_10’.
I am getting the error:ray.tune.error.TuneError:(‘Trials did not complete’,[RemoteProcessTrainable_a4737_00000])
Can you help me with the solution?
Thank you very much.