Satori Network

HTM or now Many Brains Theory (sheesh with the branding, am I right?) is amazing.

I’m a lowly developer this little experience in ML or anything, but after reading Jeff’s books and consuming as much as I could here about the theory I’ve decided to create something, though I can’t employ such amazing detailed algorithms as HTM (or even CLA for that matter).

So, I took three major concepts described in the theory and decided to try to build something which satisfies only those: 1. Prediction is ubiquitous 2. Hierarchy is important 3. Parallel models is the only way to scale.

I don’t even do any voting or anything in this project. it’s ultra simplified, but being so simple I hope it will prove useful and pave the way for more impressive projects like it. It’s called the Satori Network. Here’s how it will work (when it’s done).

Anybody can download the (node) software which is an automatic prediction software using out of the box ML stuff. Each node finds a data stream which isn’t being predicted yet and automatically generates models (forever) which produce predictions of the future of that data stream. The node then publishes it’s predictions to a new data stream which can be consumed by others or queried as a public good.

Automated prediction - prediction is ubiquitous. Hierarchy is important - nodes can use other’s predictions to inform their own models, they can even create predictions of predictions. Parallel minds is the only way to scale - it all running on nodes across the globe, anyone can join and has the incentive to do so by the generation of Satori token.

Now, this is a simple project, maybe too simple, one that doesn’t truly harness the power of these concepts, and fails to employ many other intelligence principles, however, I still think it’ll be useful.

Just wanted to share it with you guys because HTM, Jeff, Numenta, You All have been the largest influence on my model of intelligence and the primary inspiration for this idea.

I just started, but if you want to check it out its here: GitHub - lastmeta/Satori: Automated Prediction Network