Sentient Intelligence

What does everyone think about defining truly sentient human like intelligence/life form as something having the ability to assess and adapt. And that’s all.
I guess for this one must identify intelligence as defined by Numenta as being a part of the actual “sentience” or “biological intelligence”.

Does this make sense?

Sentience was aptly defined in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Measure of a Man. Sentience requires intelligence, consciousness, and self-awareness. Unfortunately, these three terms are “suitcase” words… Whatever gets packed into the meaning depends on whomever is doing the packing.

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I argue that consciousness might be a product of sentience.

For me machine consciousness is a pointer that indexes through video. And recorded

For a different view on consciousness:

Self aware in my complete AGI model:

Keghn’s Conscious AGI Machine:!topic/artificial-general-intelligence/f5yCbo3XALE

Waves again?

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Curious timing, this line of questioning sentience.

‘Wired’ just published an article talking about research going into creating brains (human) in petri dishes. The article’s author goes on to say that we’re not sure what makes up consciousness, but that if we’re already starting to grow brains in a lab, we should probably be asking this kind of question.

What is sentience and how do we recognize it?

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Hi @Gary_Gaulin.

There is a coupe of main working memory in my model.

The raw memory.
Data, video, is inputted from the real word an place with in by a sliding
window algorithm. It is a large ring memory.

Graph Memory.
Repeating patterns from the raw memory are placed into cyclic graph memory.
Behavior patter loops.
So that repeating action can be ran and followed. Along with decision branches.

Compression memory.
At the same time repeating objects into compression memory.
So that physical objects can be compared against other objects.
Pattern loop from graph memory are compared to each other here too.

Future Out put raw memory.
The Future data is reconstructed with the other working memories. If not as expected then
a train a mechanism is used.

Language memory one. Main Central Memory.
A automated internal language is generated here. This language also used as the system
a programming language.
There is starter program the grows and evolve. The starter
symbols or instructions are for moving motors, jump instructions, edit pattern loop instructions,
and movement of A index pointers through video, or any, memory.
Object form the environment are highly compressed to form tiny symbol, to be used within
the internal programming language.
Everything is link listed together so the symbols to the real object can be found. All instruction
or symbols are tiny pictures grams. Not ascii code.
New action form the environment can and will be converted into symbols this way too.

Language memory two.
The Internal language, and also programming, symbols make a link to external words, objects, and action of others out in the environment, outside the body. With a link list algorithm.
The external linked element are what others uses for communication. Secondary, external
symbols and words.