Something cool is coming soon

Hi guys,

How are you?

Just to say hello to everyone and say that although I’m quiet on forum, I’m working hard to bring something cool relative to HTM, in special to robotics. Easy… It’s not a robot (yet), but an useful tool to those that wish playing with robotics using cortical algorithms.

Hasta la vista, baby…

PS: In the meantime, I’ll will fix some bugs in Nupic Studio too.


@david-ragazzi fine that you come back and some news back with you too…


Hey David it is really nice to hear from you! I’m especially happy that you’re still working with HTM. Have you been keeping up with our research?

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Have you been keeping up with our research?

Yes. I have read some messages in my inbox. I’m specially interested in sensor-motor integration at moment but I have heard very little about it here.

Well I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. :smiley:

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