"SpiNNaker human brain supercomputer"


Thought it could be interesting, from
The University of Manchester



It will have over 50,000 chips of this type with 16 (18-2) productive cores each. If I understand correctly, the idea is to have the cores simulate a neuron each, and allow the cores to communicate among themselves without a centralised memory management.


Wow, imagine the kinds of simulations they’ll be able to run on that monster. Of course a million cores simulating a neuron each (though insanely impressive) doesn’t really qualify it as a “human brain” supercomputer. It could probably fully simulate a cockroach brain though.


In the original article they mention to try to simulate a billion neurons, so maybe each core is supposed to simulate a thousand or even more?


AFAIK. Each chip has 16 cores (17 actually, one if for redundancy). In which 15 is available for simulating neurons and each can handle up to 100 neurons.
So that’s 50,000x100x15 = 75,000,000 neurons on full performance?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdOPCkvx01Q