Swarming - TypeError: Parameters columnCount and inputWidth must be > 0

So I’ve been modifying the Hot Gym swarm.py file and swarm_description.py to take my own data with success. It has been working fine with 2 float columns and 1 datetime column as inputs. When I changed the input to 5 floats and 1 datetime column it works initially, but a few seconds later an error appears:

TypeError: Parameters columnCount and inputWidth must be > 0

This wasn’t an issue before so I’m a bit stumped. Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You are dabbling in very legacy code. My guess is that swarming changed columnCount or inputWidth to an invalid value.

Does the swarming data file have 5 float fields and 1 datetime column?

Yes that is correct

It’s interesting that the swarm would do this; surely it has constraints for this sort of thing? Maybe it’s worth looking into the permutations file seeing as I have let it be and focused on the description file so far.

Just ran a few tests and it seems to be ok, when a particular column is removed not sure why.

Maybe there is some bad data in this column? Nulls or wrong types?