Testing NAB


hi everyone,
Now I’m testing the example " The Numenta Anomaly Benchmark ", and I execute run. py, in README.md to execute run. by its take many, many of hours, but when I am testing its take many and many of days, this the fourth day, I want to ask it’s normal to take all this time


It does take a long time, but hours not days. There must be something wrong. What is the processing and memory capacity of your computer? Are there still logs being generated after days of processing?


my pc is :
processeur : R3
RAM: 4,00 Go
and now I have this :


Exactly what command are you running from the command line (with options)? I would not run all the detectors at once. There should be an option to only run NuPIC.


I’m just run this commande :


Well, run the command in a way that only runs the nupic detector. See the README for instructions.


@rhylight do you mean those commands:

  • Run HTM with NAB:
cd /path/to/nab
python run.py -d numenta --detect --optimize --score --normalize
  • Run full NAB:
cd /path/to/nab
python run.py
  • Run subset of NAB data files:
cd /path/to/nab
python run.py -d numenta --detect --windowsFile labels/combined_windows_tiny.json

yes i test the last command and this is what i get:


Did it end?


yes it’s work and this my file csv