The AI community is starting to come around

I see indications of good things for HTM in the future. For one thing, I have noticed a lot more people on our forums with technical backgrounds in ANN-based machine learning. For the longest time, most conventional ML folks paid no attention to HTM. So thank you all for giving us a chance.

I am also seeing more people saying that current ANN technology will not bring about major advances that lead to “Strong AI”. For example, here is a talk at the upcoming AI With the Best conference by Danko Nikolic (Max Planck Institute) entitled Why deep neural nets cannot ever match biological intelligence and what to do about it?.

So two people are talking about biological intelligence where both Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio are keynoting! That is a good sign!

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Some aditional views from Hacker News.

How’d Danko’s talk go?

I did not attend it.

Sooo exciting! :drooling_face: