Tools for NLP API

Provides a free utility for converting words into SDRs (TODO LINK), and SDRs back into the closest matching word. Python API Client’s Python client - a simple Python http client which simplifies the communication with the Retina server using the Retina’s REST API.

Fluent & Fluent Server

A platform for building language / NLP-based applications using NuPIC and CEPT.

Offline word SDRS for nupic-texts

If you don’t want to get a API account, you can download word SDRs for the corpus of text output by nupic-texts in this convenient text file, which contains bitmap SDRs for all words for offline processing.


From James Tauber, details here

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is my main field of AI endeavor, and I write AI programs that think with automated reasoning in English, German and Russian. Twelve years ago on about 2005-03-24 I submitted the first Slashdot story – – about the founding of Numenta. I view hierarchical temporal memory (HTM) as similar to my own – – design for AI, especially in addressing the formation of concepts over (temporal) time. Now I would like to add my brain-mind diagram below, after I say good-bye. -Arthur

I’d also like to add that if you’re looking for a mature and comprehensive preprocessing library for NLP, there is NLTK:

Natural Language Toolkit, right? Thanks.