Tools for NLP


#1 API

Provides a free utility for converting words into SDRs (TODO LINK), and SDRs back into the closest matching word. Python API Client’s Python client - a simple Python http client which simplifies the communication with the Retina server using the Retina’s REST API.

Fluent & Fluent Server

A platform for building language / NLP-based applications using NuPIC and CEPT.

Offline word SDRS for nupic-texts

If you don’t want to get a API account, you can download word SDRs for the corpus of text output by nupic-texts in this convenient text file, which contains bitmap SDRs for all words for offline processing.


From James Tauber, details here

NuPIC Projects
NuPIC Wiki is being deprecated

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is my main field of AI endeavor, and I write AI programs that think with automated reasoning in English, German and Russian. Twelve years ago on about 2005-03-24 I submitted the first Slashdot story – – about the founding of Numenta. I view hierarchical temporal memory (HTM) as similar to my own – – design for AI, especially in addressing the formation of concepts over (temporal) time. Now I would like to add my brain-mind diagram below, after I say good-bye. -Arthur


I’d also like to add that if you’re looking for a mature and comprehensive preprocessing library for NLP, there is NLTK:


Natural Language Toolkit, right? Thanks.