Top-down context for the sensorimotor layer (L4)

I am studying Numenta’s papers and am currently reading “Untangling Sequences: Behavior vs. External Causes”. According to the article, a stable representation of an object is studied on L2/3
becomes the top-down context for the sensorimotor layer (L4). At the same time, as far as I understand, L4 contains stellate neurons that do not have apical dendrites. Am I missing something here? How then is a top-down context possible for the L4?

L4 contains a mixture of many types of cells, including both stellate neurons and pyramidal neurons.
IIRC they are present in roughly equal amounts?

I have seen (can’t remember where) it stated that in primary sensory areas spiny stellates predominate, whereas “higher” areas are mainly/entirely pyramids.

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