Toronto Brain/AGI Meetup on HTM: May 4


Hey all,

If anyone here is around GTA area, it would be great to meet up somewhere in DT and chat. I`m talking with Rangle to host our meetup on May

This week I and two other brain enthusiasts are getting together at Toronto Reference Library at 1 pm for 2h intro and chat.

Anyone interested in this week or next sessions feel free to reach out.

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@spin, will you join us this week?

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Absolutely, it’s great initiative!


Hey All!

I’m glad to announce that the first Brain/AGI meetup was held last Sat.
We reviewed and criticized :slight_smile: the recent paper of Tannenbaum’s team at MIT submitted for the ICLR 2019. It was a good pick to start the discussion as it represents the mainstream approach towards AGI. Yet, we all agreed that it is just another minor improvement, achieved by leveraging same “mainstream” methods, that leads us nowhere near AGI in the long run.
Next time, we will be presenting our vision of milestones towards biologically plausible brain models and I’m pretty sure that HTM will be the main topic. So, all around GTA are welcome to join the discussion.


Great! Let me know the date and time so I can try and promote it a bit.


Hey Matt!
Appreciate your help!

This week we’re planning at 1pm EST on Sat, May 4th at Rangle’s office at 18 York Street, Toronto.

Thank you!

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@codeallthethingz, thanks for taking time last Sat to join our discussion and share more about HTM theory! Hope to see you next time.

We also drafted the first version our take on core principles of AGI. I`ll post it here shortly.
Stay tuned.


Here is the link to the notes of our discussion from the last session.

Tomorrow we meet at 1pm EST at Rangle, 18 York st.

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