Translating python model_params to Java

I used python to swarm my data in hopes of improving anomaly detection. I have the file now but some fields don’t seem to have an obvious Java analog.

Should there be 1:1 python params: java params?


  • spatialImp
  • boostStrength

columnCount - is this COLUMN_DIMENSIONS ?

I’ll answer what I know.

Should be. The swarming interface is simplified as far as HTM structure goes. It creates the same SP/TM network every time. So things get simplified.

You can ignore. That’s a NuPIC thing.

Should translate to something, maybe “max boost” (what we used to call it).

Is it ‘safe’ (reasonable?) to leave the remaining params at the defaults?

Probably, but it depends on what the defaults are. These are HTM.Java defaults?


Depends on which defaults you’re speaking of. The algorithms themselves have their own defaults (seen in and they are exactly the same as the Python version. Then there are “defaults” used within the TestHarness class which are not “official defaults”, but are just an example and are used for demos and such.