Unifying the columns/cells into a single entity

David Ragazzi proposed using an over-arching OO approach to all constructs. That was a super set of what I’m talking about. Whether they’re columns and cells, and are 00 or mapped primitive integers - their state is still spread between the algorithms. The discrete part of pulling out and Unifying the columns/cells into a single entity was never voted on. You guys agreed with my idea of pulling the Connections out into a separate data structure, why not this?

This specific issue is pulling out boosting and/or inhibition into separate code modules/object/algorithms? The reason my idea of isolating columns/cells is pertinent to this is because if you isolate the boost/inhibit functionality they still will be acting on the columns/cells which means they cannot be used independently of an instance of SP or TM. This is very prohibitive/tight coupling.

Here is where we left this conversation:

But no one created an issue, so this did not move forward.