Welcome to the exciting dirigibles era of AI

Dileep George’s blog post - scale up, add power, no need to care much about how natural flight works.


The Internal combustion engine (Otto Engine 1876) was the technology precursor needed for flight and is the equivalent of the GPU in some ways. Early engines were available (heavy) but lacking in the right characteristics to enable thier use more widely adopted beyond gaming.

Early engines were slow and heavy, which made them unsuitable for powered flight. Later advanced increased the power to weight ratio (i.e. flops) that made them appealing to other markets.

Petroleum refining (cracking process 1913) then provided the critical reliable mass produced fuel for a consistent energy source (the right software to be used with the GPU/engine / tensor).

What will be interesting is how soon the first hindenburg occurs with LLM’s.


The detractors say is the equivalent of hot air in some ways. The only thing that keeps it floating, with an horrendous abuse of power to keep it warm.


I think it’s more like we have partially discovered the cerebellum equivalent and Frankenstein like some think that’s it. We have a dumb boss and still looking for the smart advisor to prevent a hindemburg (or make one a lot worse - who knows ?).

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