What algorithms NuPIC is representing at the moment?

Is there a quick jump start document like Whats New in Nupic?

Last time I read from Numenta was CLA. Now it seems CLA is obsolete and Subutai is talking about “third generation” algorithms. But I cannot find them.

The only thing I can see is that Bami pdfs replaced the old white papers. Is there more?

Is there a formal 3rd gen paper with pseudocode (similar to CLA) ?

Does it have same components like SP/TP/encoders etc?

Which algorithm is implemented in the latest build of Nupic / Java ?

Is it even open (the 3rd gen) ?

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Here’s a quick overview:

Gen 1


Zeta1 and related code. This stuff is pretty much entirely gone from the repo.

Gen 2

2009-2016 although most theory advances were right at the beginning of the period

Spatial pooling, Temporal Memory, anomaly detection. This is what’s in the repo now.

The spatial pooling & TM used to be called the Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA) but we abandoned that name and have been scrubbing our code and documentation of it for the last couple years. HTM is still used to refer to the algorithms in aggregate and we will continue to include new algorithms under the HTM umbrella.

Gen 3

2016 onward

This covers ongoing work on sensorimotor inference, temporal pooling, disjoint pooling, and possibly motor generation. This all builds on top of the previous work, relying on and extending spatial pooling & TM. Most of this is still very experimental and volatile and lives in nupic.research. It isn’t stable or proven enough to meet the NuPIC standards but we still keep it public in case the community wants to follow along.


thank you