What is flowchart of Temporal memory

Hi All.

Can you tell me what is flowchart of memory?
I see in spatial pooler, there is flowchart include initialization, overlap, inhibition, learning.
I read Temporal memory code, Just I want summary steps like spatial pooler.

Thank you.

BAMI describes the TM algorithm in depth. You might find the “Temporal Memory Algorithm Pseudocode” section useful.

Hi @Rodi,

The “Materials and Methods” section of the paper “Why Neurons Have Thousands of Synapses, a Theory of Sequence Memory in Neocortex” might also clear this up for you. The input to the TM algorithm is a set of activated columns (output of the spatial pooler) and the output is a new predicted network state (predicted cells to become active next) for the next timestep. At a high level, computation follows this order for a given timestep:

Output is gathered from the spatial pooler -> Cells that should become active based on previous predictions and column activation are activated -> New predicted cells are decided based on what just got activated -> Synaptic weights are updated for learning purposes.

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