What is Geometric Deep Learning?

And can we do it online with HTM?
To learn the higher dimensional manifolds it may be necessary to use layers.


Okay. So it took me a couple of years. But I’m on it now.

May I commend to your attention the following: https://geometricdeeplearning.com/

A nice video overview in the form of an ICLR 2021 Keynote.

A blog post to whet your appetite:

And then the much deeper-dive in the form of a proto-book that has been posted to arXiv.

I’m working my way through the book now, but I would really appreciate having someone to discuss it with.

Unless I miss my guess, I think @mrcslws will find this all very interesting.


If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the 5G paper, the authors have posted a series of videos (9 videos, ~1 hour each) from a short-course that pretty much covers the entire paper.


I’m late to this party, but yes, very interesting. Such a firehose of fun ideas.