Why are there two "initialProximalPermanence" parameters in grid_multi_column_experiment.py?

The “initialProximalPermanence” parameter for Column Pooler is repeated twice in grid_multi_column_experiment.py @Line124. Isn’t it supposed to be “initialDistalPermanence”?
At first, I thought it was a typo. But then the “initialDistalPermanence” parameter is also repeated twice in multiple files. Am I missing something here?

Ha, good eye. Thanks, yes, it’s a typo. With this particular experiment, it had no effect, since the default value for initialDistalPermanence is 0.6, which is above the connected permanence, and this experiment only uses a few objects, so it doesn’t really decrement this permanence.

Regarding other repetitions: I think you’re seeing a bug in Github. I see what you’re talking about in these results: https://github.com/numenta/htmresearch/search?utf8=✓&q=initialDistalPermanence but if you click the actual files, the repetition is not there. I think the Github search results are just showing the wrong line numbers for the second occurrence in a file.

I’ll fix the typo. Thanks again!