A mind that masters synchronisation

Whats your opinion about the synchronization in our brain? Eg. You are in deep thinking, there was someone calling your name, now you are responding to that someone, and at the same time you are recognizing who that someone was? How the sync works?

Philosophically, I’m convinced by a few papers of Riccardo Manzotti
, that there is no such thing as “synchronization” w.r.t. mind/consciousness. Recognition, thinking and other human behaviors, are merely about being whatever it (the brain physically connected/interacting with the universe) is, and doing whatever is done, through the time axis.

I was converted to an “artificial consciousness” believer by his paper Intentional robots The design of a goal-seeking, environment-driven, agent, then I’m not surprised to read 《A Thousand Brains》 about there’s no central place for a mind, but it’s vastly distributed allover the wetware, and may even further to the whole world, according to The Spread Mind: Why Conciousness and the World are One.

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What do you think about this line? " A man is conscious if even a 1/3 of his brain is functional"
And this 1/3 portion is the posterior parts of the brain?

Come into my mind: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.7434023

I don’t have words to express how I think about it, by far.

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Nice article… are you a researcher?

No, I’m a software architect, taking neuroscience as a hobby.

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Ok ok…ummh I have a theory about the brain, you know if you are interested. I will send you a copy, have a read and tell me what do you think about my theory? What do you say?

I’m more comfortable to discuss such ideas in public, like this Numenta’s community site. I’ll be glad to read your postings and see if I have something to say.


Thanks man… i will let you know when i completed the work. Almost completed, but need some more time.