A Treatise on the Nature of Life: A Cartesian Perspective


Excuse me now for having these two ladies walk up behind @jeffHawkins and pour those large buckets of ice cold water over his head while he was talking to you guys about some really intricate detail about something. Oops!

Wait!? That isn’t Jeff Hawkins! That’s President Donald Trump …? … wtf? what just happened?! Ah! forget it … here’s the video of what I wanted to post:

A Treatise on the Nature of Life: A Cartesian Perspective

Does anyone enjoy the big picture? If a sentient Creative Entity exists, are the concluding two graphics literally divine instruments, or just a clever concoction?

I want to ask a question directed towards those recent graduates from Western institutions of academia over the last forty, fifty years: have you ever pondered upon any Cartesian graph in your studies that brought a perspective to mind such as the vista that is wrought from those concluding two graphs in the video?

This video is presented for edification of the HTM Forum community only. T’anks for watching :slight_smile:

Constructive comments welcomed, naturally.

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