An edge use case: delete and reply with similar content again

I’ve just done a stupid thing and wish to share the edge use case.

I replied to a topic, but I don’t remember which button did I click: the one at the bottom(meaning: reply to the topic) or the one next to a previous reply(meaning: reply to the reply). Then I checked whether my reply is connected to the reply (let’s call it “A’s reply”), it turned out to be not (no “1 reply” appear at the bottom of A’s reply).

I might be a little paranoid on this, so I tried to delete my reply and add the same reply with the correct button.

I deleted my reply, and saw the following replaced the content of my reply:

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Oops. It’s not pretty. And I can’t edit it back to my previous content (it’s in zombie status now).

Anyway I went on to submit my reply, but was rejected:

Body is too similar to what you recently posted

I was stuck with a half-deleted reply and I can’t resubmit my reply.

I totally understand why all these happened, just want to share it in case anybody else runs into a similar problem. Also just for fun.

UPDATE: After around 20 minutes, I succeeded resubmitting my reply.