How to use this HTM Forum like a mailing list

If you don’t want to come to this website to check for updates, you can always respond via email. Because we are coming from a vanilla mailing list environment, I’ve set up this forum to send you an email for each new post, just like the old mailing lists. You can respond to those emails like you would a mailing list, but you might miss some of the pruning and categorization that happens here on this website. Remember, to visit the site, go to

You may have persuaded me Matt. The interface does seem very clean and informative.

Since it is setup to act like a mailing list, how about archiving posts like the mailing list too. At least for a trial period? Just don’t know how it will pan out searching for things historically.

Discourse has an archive function if that is what you mean? I also saw a way to convert a post into a wiki but I haven’t experimented with that yet.

I notice that there is a pretty significant delay between the time messages are posted and the time they actually arrive in my inbox.

Can you initiate a discussion exclusively from email, or does that have to go through the web interface?

Yes, there is a way to do it, but I haven’t set it up yet. I’ll make a note.

Sorry I didn’t want to open a new thread (it feels like when there is a new cake and you don’t want to ruin it taking the first slice :grinning: ).

Just wanted to say: well done, Matt!
It is not only beautiful, but probably even easier to be used for search purposes.

Question: are all the contents of the mailing lists lost?


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No, you can see the archives of all the mailing lists:

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Closing this because there is a more recent topic about migrating from the ML to this forum with better info. Please use that topic for questions.