How to migrate from the mailing lists to HTM Forum

NOTE: This topic was written to help current HTM mailing list users migrate to HTM Forum. It should only apply to you if you were subscribed to a NuPIC Mailing List.

Create your HTM Forum account

To interact with HTM Forum, you must have an account, even if you plan to continue using email as your interface.

If you are subscribed to any current HTM mailing lists, you should have received an email from that looks something like this:

Matt Taylor (rhyolight) invited you to join

    HTM Forum

    Discussions about HTM theory and implementations

If you’re interested, click the link below:

This invitation is from a trusted user, so you won’t need to log in.

Click the link in this email and follow the instructions to create your HTM Forum account. If you did not receive this email, check your spam folder. Or you can just sign up using the “Sign Up” button at the top right of this page.

Once your account is created, you’ll have a welcome message in your inbox. Click on your user avatar at the top right of the page to find it if it doesn’t open automatically.

Please read it! It contains some really useful information about how to use this forum.

How different mailing lists map to HTM Forum Categories

Numenta has been hosting several different mailing lists. You may have come from one or more of them. No matter how many lists you subscribed to, you only need to create one HTM Forum account. HTM Forum has categories to group different types of discussion topics. See below for how our different mailing lists are mapped to categories.

In addition to the categories above, there are more categories for topics like HTM.Java, Comportex, and Site Feedback. More may be added in the future.

How to use HTM Forum as a mailing list

First of all, please consider trying out the web interface for HTM Forum. It’s really simple and nice and rich, and I believe it will add a lot of useful communication tools for our community.

Also note that because of POP3 polling, there could be a delay of several minutes processing emails.

Update your email settings

But if you’d rather not use this web interface at all :frowning2:, you can use email entirely. But you will need to verify some of your account settings to do this. To get to your settings, click on your user avatar at the top right of the page and then click on the gear icon:

Then click on the “Preferences” tab in the top menu, then scroll down to find the “Email” section. Ensure that the option “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” is checked:

Scroll down and click the Save button. You’ll receive an email for every new post on the forum. You can reply to these emails just like a mailing list, and your reply will be posted on the forum.

Also, check the “Enable Mailing List Mode” setting:

How to ignore categories

If you only subscribed to one of our mailing lists, you might want to mute all the other categories. To do this, first navigate to the Category listing and click on the category you want to mute. Then click the circle dropdown button at the top right to mute:

You will no longer receive emails for posts in this category.

How to post new topics via email

You can create a new topic in a specific category via email by sending an email to one of the following addresses. Each address will create a new topic in a specific category:

To post a new topic, simply compose an email to one of the addresses above. Any replies will be emailed back to you as long as you updated your email settings as described previously.


If you have questions, please ask them below and I’ll keep this wiki updated with answers.

I just updated this wiki because I realized there was a setting in user preferences that I missed. If you are using this forum as a mailing list, to ensure you get an email for each message, you must check this box:

This should send you an email for every post across the forum you have not explicitly muted.