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Hello nupic-theory@lists.numenta.org mailing list members!

Thanks for signing up for HTM Forum, I think you’ll really enjoy using this platform for communication on all things HTM. But since you came from the NuPIC Theory mailing list, you may be particularly interested in the HTM Theory category of the forum (that’s where you are at right now!). This is where you can discuss all aspects of HTM Theory. Check out all the sub-categories of discussion as well. This makes it easier to find the kind of discussions you are looking for.

There’s a lot of other stuff here, too. Try checking out the other categories of discussion here, and you might find something interesting. Feel free to peruse around, explore, and post if you have something interesting to say.

Remember, this is your community, so be a good citizen and let us know if we can make it better.


Matt Taylor
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