[ANN] : Bi: Symbolic system based on binary vector architecture


What is Bi ?

When you use programming languages you depend on the symbols of the language to have a specific meaning, very rarely it is the case for a programming language to allow fuzzy and context based meaning, because it complicates the implementation. In natural languages concepts/symbols are both discrete and fuzzy at the same time.

To make programming languages more natural we have to embrace this dichotomy… one way to make the symbols behave this way is to represent symbols and/or context as vectors to achieve fuzziness, but still preserve discreteness.

Something like having the whole cake, but eating it too.

That is why Bi is build on top of the so called VSA (Vector Symbolic Architecture).

feedback welcome …


Good start - now go all the way like the brain does it - fixed connections and no “lists.”
Data is presented in streams using the same fixed connections - if there is an operation “between” things it is between maps interacting and/or sequential activations.

Representation is activation patterns and perhaps sequences of activation patterns.

All that changes is activation patterns and connection strengths.