ANNOUNCING IRIS: The New, Retina API Analysis Tool!


We’re proud to announce the new demo (IRIS), which enables users to explore’s NLP interface (the Retina API), in a powerful and fun way! (Written in JavaFX)

For those that don’t know, is a partner of Numenta which utilizes aspects of HTM Theory in the production of their high performance NLU software which consists of the REST accessed Retina API, and the high performance Retina Library. IRIS uses the same free trial API (the above mentioned Retina API), that user’s can use in their own applications. Later, you can either host your own Retina API or use’s high performance Retina Library.

This is the first version of IRIS which includes many features, but more are on the way!

We recommend watching the IRIS Quick Start Tutorial before downloading IRIS, but if you can’t wait to get started, you can go directly to the code repo and download it there!

Don’t forget to get your free API Key which is needed to use IRIS. (You can also get the API by running IRIS, and following the prompt when it comes up).


David @cogmission


Seems like a really powerful tool, David. The video is really helpful to understand how it all works. Great job putting it together. It can be very hard to explain how to use complex software.


Thanks Matt!!