Status Report

Greetings Earthlings (and Otherwise Affiliated),

Hi Everybody. This is just a heads up. Activity may look slow right now, but I’ve had to work pretty intensely for some time now on a project I’m doing at (my home organization), that other engineers there have affectionately dubbed “the super demo”. This demo will allow the full exercise of the new Retina Java API which is a client extension of the Rest API (test it online, here) which also has Python and JavaScript clients. The demo will be a super cool way of using the Retina API and exploring its capabilities, as well as a good demonstration of how to use the API in your own applications.

For those who aren’t familiar with, we are a partner to Numenta and we do NLP (Natural Language Programming) in a precise intuitive way using Fingerprints (specially developed SDRs) and Semantic Folding.. In addition, are constant contributors to the HTM Community in various ways, not the most major of which is through their sponsoring of through supporting developer efforts therein.

As work on the demo starts to level off (probably within the next week), we should start to see more activity here in After all, we still need to finish up the KNNClassifier work we began - and then move on to the Swarming (though maybe we should circle back around to implement @ycui’s new SDRClassifier *hint anyone?)

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know there is plenty more to do and we’re still working on it. If you’d like to join in, help is always welcome both here (in and with NuPIC’s Python codebase. In addition there are lots of other projects within the HTM Community, such as the new; super cool flink-htm project which uses the Network API underneath to implement a distributed scalable - streaming platform (using Flink) that is just beginning and could use some help. There is also as well as others…

Happy Hacking!

P.S. I would have mentioned Comportex (it is one of the, if not the most prominent project in the htm-community) but their emphasis is mostly on research and I don’t know if they are actively seeking contributors - though if Clojure is your forte, you should drop a note to @floybix (Felix) and let him know…?