New Release of HTM.Java! (v0.6.9-alpha)

Greetings Earthlings (and otherwise affiliated),

After a very long haul, HTM.Java has finally received its formal “vetting”, and is 100% compatible with NuPIC. That is to say that it still doesn’t have swarming and some other tools and niceties (all coming in time), but what it does have, has complete parity with NuPIC.

On July 11th, it was announced that the attempt to run HTM.Java within NAB (Numenta Anomaly Benchmark) revealed poor scores - despite it already having 100% compatible unit tests. After that, engineers from the community and from Numenta did a deep dive that took 2 and a half months due to the need to vet by extreme comparison, every single algorithm involved in computing NAB scores (including the Network API). I’m overjoyed to say we did it! (As a result, multiple tools; compatibility tests and consistency tests have been added.)

This is a historic day in HTM.Java’s lifetime. Users can now say without a doubt, that using HTM.Java is no different from running either the Python or the C++ versions of NuPIC, maintained by Numenta, and the HTM Community. This opens up lot’s of usability and functionality advantages to the entire HTM Community, taking full advantage of those niceties offered by running on the JVM; for instance cross-operating system compatibility, and device compatibility - together with multiple options with data streaming; and Cloud-based and other forms of distributed computing - and ease of use and packaging (no installation required).

Hats-off to all those community members involved - and especially, congratulations and thanks to Numenta’s heroic engineers, who despite having no obligation to support HTM.Java; and despite having their hands full with running research and software development tasks on a bare-bones staff - managed to give 100% committed and un-waivering support! Thanks Guys! You all deserve to take a serious bow!

Version v0.6.9-alpha is now released and available on the Maven Central Repository as of this writing, and we will be updating the README, and HTM.Java-examples repo in the upcoming hours and days. Please feel free to peruse the CHANGELOG for more details (I will be on-goingly updating this as well as their are a lot of things to add).

Users should take note that there have been some API changes as well. Also, the javadocs have not been fully updated and will be updated hopefully in the next couple of days.

Thanks everybody, and Happy Hacking!



In my rush to get to my Parent-Teacher’s conference I forgot to also thank HTM.Java’s silent but un-waivering sponsors, who graciously and enthusiastically support me personally (and financially :slight_smile:), to spend some of my work hours maintaining this library.

If anyone isn’t aware, is an Austrian company which is a partner of Numenta specializing in the next generation of NLP (Natural Language Programming) technology using principles of HTM Technology, and has been a constant presence in the HTM Community for years. See our HTM Challenge entry which utilizes Semantic Analysis !!

My thanks go out to you!

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Congratulations to all! I’ve followed this in several office hours etc. Can only imagine your sense of accomplishment. Atta boys all around.