HTM.Java: Now in sync with NuPIC


Greetings Earthlings (…and “Otherwise Affiliated”),

Yet again, HTM.Java has received a brand new TemporalMemory class and TemporalMemoryTest (Unit Test) (it’s easier to totally re-write code of this complexity than to update the majority of an older code module).

As a result, HTM.Java is now in sync with the latest NuPIC version. (What? you missed our nice shiny new versioning table?). This doesn’t mean it has all the bells-and-whistles of NuPIC (with your help, slowly but surely it will), but what it does mean is that it is totally usable (after the long vetting it had) and current.

On an odd and side note, ever wonder what the heck the Greetings Earthlings (…and Otherwise Affiliated) greeting means?

Well… hmm… Let’s do it this way. If enough peeps post a reply to this email with a request to have it explained; then I’ll happily comply :wink: Otherwise, it could be better left a mystery and a cheap effort on my part to offer a clumsily interesting greeting? :tongue:

Cheers and Happy Hacking!

The Management


Please explain to me as simple as you can. So that I can follow you as simple as I can. Teach me what you are thinking.



Hi, no problem. This is just an announcement to build awareness of HTM.Java as being a fully operational and equivalent Java version of the Python version of NuPIC. Th th th… That’s all Folks! :slight_smile:


Respected sir,I realise the Nupic community denied my access since I don’t have a computer with me and probably they thought I am of no help to the cause. I never tried disclosing my identity as the forum strongly recommend to keep it private. I am from a developing country and a developing family so I don’t have the financial status of majority of technicians in the community. But I am a good learner and a part of one of the oldest well established technical colleges in my place. So if you can show me a better way to communicate with people who works on Java related implementation of HTM. I would really appreciate that.,
Thank you :blush:



Take your time, and read up on HTM Theory and watch the excellent training videos, and I’m sure you’ll be just fine. In addition, there is also the Gitter channel which you can also use to get answers to your questions. Learning another language and culture can be very difficult. I can’t tell you what to say, but if you watch and read how other people communicate, you’ll catch on. :wink: