HTM.Java: Status Report (2016-10-07)

Greetings Earthlings (and otherwise affiliated),

Ok, so I’m not so good at this notion of vacations :stuck_out_tongue:

1.) SpatialPooler Re-Write (Now in Sync)

I’m writing this to let you know about 2 recent updates. First, the SpatialPooler and all of the unit and compatibility tests therein have received an update.

2.) HTM.Java README has a new “Versioning” section and table

…which will track the current status of how in sync the current version of HTM.Java is with NuPIC see here:

The “Versioning” section shows the core algorithm, the NuPIC commit of the version HTM.Java currently tracks, the commit of HTM.Java’s last update; and then its overall status (either sync’d or behind).

So you will see that the SpatialPooler just received an update (today) Yay!! … and that the TemporalMemory is behind… (Now working on updating it to the latest).

Just thought I’d update you all with the latest…

Cheers, and Happy Hacking!

Update: Javadocs have been fully updated, and a “fine print notation” has been added to the versioning table to share our intent.