Difference between NAB and HTM

  1. I am just starting with HTM and looked at the algorithms. HTM algorithm can be used to detect anomalies I think but what is the NAB (Numenta Anomaly Benchmark) about? I see we can run our own algorithms on NAB but my understanding is that NAB is Numenta HTM implementation to detect anomalies. I think the question typically is about the difference between NuPIC and NAB. Please help.
    1. Is the stable version for py3 version of NuPIC available?
    1. Also, can you explain (the purpose and what it is for) the different repos in the numenta group in github?

Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

NuPIC is not available in python 3.

Well, there’s https://github.com/htm-community/htm.core , which is a community fork of NuPIC that has some breaking changes.

There’s also ETaler, which is HTM with a (very?) different API.

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Can you point me towards the potential comparison between htm core and etaler? the pros and cons of both so that people could make a better decision as to which one to use (e.g. when to use which one).

Etaler is going to be faster, but only C++. Less support because @marty1885 is the primary (only?) developer. htm.core has Python bindings and C++, and probably more support because there are several folks in the community working on it.

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Etaler supports Python 2, 3 and PyPy via the PyEtaler package (and/or ROOT), see the docs. PyEtaler generate a binging dynamically using cppyy. But it’s true I mainly uses C++.

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