HTM code in Python3


I want to implement HTM for anomaly detection on real-time data. I tried to use nupic , NAB, and a couple of other community codes. But nothing works as there are some issues. Do you know any stable version/code which I can use?
Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @Tann10, welcome!

What kind of issues? I use nupic 1.0.5 currently

Does it work for python3? or its python2?

NuPIC is just python 2, though the community-supported htm.core is python 3

Hi @Tann10,

I am trying to convert some Nupic codes to HTM.CORE’s … but the progress is so slow due to my laziness…
Although it is poor quality and not final , if you want I can share them with you.

@sheiser1Thank you for the recommenation! htm.core works welll for my project.

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@twainlee Thank you, I am currently using the htm.core package. Initially, I was facing issues in the installation of that package. It’s sorted now.

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You can get some clues from my jupyter notebook codes.

In case of nupic studio, it has some error but you can run GUI with

I am expecting your smart idea to fix errors…