Is there an HTM version that could integrate with otsad (e.g. Python3)?

I came across the otsad project for benchmarking anomaly detectors based on NAB and it is a shame that HTM is not included. As mentioned in this issue the reason is because nupic requires Python2 Learning more about otsad · Issue #2 · alaineiturria/otsad · GitHub Perhaps someone know of a solution to get HTM into otsad? Was there work to port nupic to Python3?

This version is a Python3 API around the C++ core, which might do what you need:

I have used this successfully for Python3 and Jupyter experiments.

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Any idea of how it performs on NAB? It seems Numenta might have added some code specifically for NAB that improved the score significantly (related to likelihood calculation I think) I don’t see an entry for htm.core at GitHub - numenta/NAB: The Numenta Anomaly Benchmark Maybe it should have an entry?

Sorry, I’ve never used NAB.

I’ve come across some work at GitHub - htm-community/NAB: The Numenta Anomaly Benchmark which looks to be what is needed. Bu it highlights issues with the liklihood estimation that was added to the original code - the scores for htm.core seem to be much lower