Nupic v.s. htm.core v.s. ___

Looking on GitHub under the nupic repo I don’t see much activity for 2 years and was wondering if that is still what everyone uses as far as the most updated implementation?

I did play around a bit with htm.core (the community implication) in c++ but want to try something more serious and wonder which implementation to go with that incorporates the most current learnings.

Thank you!

Hey @vance, welcome!

So NuPIC is in maintenance mode. It’s well tested and uses the Network API under the hood, so it has all functionality for all major aspects of the applied theories thus far (AFAIK). A downside is that it’s only compatible with Python 2.

htm.core is actively maintained by the community and is compatible with Python 3. I’m not sure that it has implemented every single thing from Network API, but certainly the most-used stuff like anomaly detection.

I don’t maintain it myself so can’t say exactly, but both NuPIC and htm.core are tested and work. Since htm.core works in Python 3 it may make most sense to lean that way. I also think its worth familiarizing with the Network API used by NuPIC.

Happy modeling :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it! Thank you for mentioning the Network API. I was using SDRs, SP, TM and Classifier directly but Network API looks as a much easier way to do modeling :slight_smile:

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