Development Guide for nupic-core on Python3.8

Hello there, I used HTM.Java in previous years. Now I want to use nupic-core on Python3.8. I installed library succesfully but I could not found any documentation about implementations and how to use this library. Is there anybody prepared docuementation or has example implementations of nupic-core on Python v3.8?


First off, I would recommend building the library from source to get the latest version.
There are instructions for doing so in the readme at: GitHub - htm-community/htm.core: Actively developed Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) community fork (continuation) of NuPIC. Implementation for C++ and Python

To answer your question, there are examples in the folder: “htm-core/py/htm/examples/”
A good way to start with is by reading through the file “htm-core/py/htm/examples/sp/”



my apologies, I saw examples now. Thank you so much.

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