Htm.core and Python 3.11 compatibility

Has anyone gotten htm.core to install in python 3.11? Is anyone actively working on compatibility?

My attempts in the past few days yielded no success.

It seems to revolve around the notion of frames

C:\htm.core-master\build\ThirdParty\pybind11\pybind11-src\include\pybind11\pybind11.h(2296,30): error C2027: use of undefined type ‘_frame’
(compiling source file C:\htm.core-master\bindings\py\cpp_src\bindings\sdr\py_SDR.cpp)

After two days of trying, I just reverted back to 3.10… :frowning:

Is htm.core in python old news?

…is htm.core old news?

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I haven’t used it beyond 3.9 however the community repo:

has updates within a month or so, suggesting it has some maintenance still.


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What do you use to program htm these days? and why if you dont mind me asking

To be honest I don’t use this version these days - I use BrainBlocks implementation instead.

However I see there’s another update to the basic HTM idea:

which I thought about trying, but haven’t got around to it yet.
In terms of language I rarely leave Python but will run whatever version works in its own virt-env. However tweaks to the CPP code (bugfixes) are sometimes required too.

This is being addressed with PR “python 3.11 compatibility” #992
This will be merged into the master as soon as we have a review of the proposed changes.

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Resolved in #992
It has been tested using the following:

Python 3.10.6     Linux Mint 21, which is based on Ubuntu 22
Python 3.8        Ubuntu 20.04
Python 3.11       Ubuntu 20.04
Python 3.8        Windows 11 VS 2022
Python 3.11       Windows 11 VS 2022