Where is the open user activity, HTM projects seem out of date

I guess I am more a java guy anyway but a lot of the projects seem out of date or didn’t work. I tried htm legacy python and htm java, I see issues there. I went ahead and forked it and I am not a gradle fan so will try to convert to use more Maven cleanly. E.g. there are references to libraries not in maven. See how it goes.

I guess all the work is happening at the company.

Hi there!

Some years ago Numenta narrowed its focus to concentrate on research (at the time, that was the area of most need in order to maintain the balance between community invigoration and academic progress). And so doing, the responsibility for the reference implementation they were maintaining was shifted toward community management within the community repo.

Since maintaining lock up with the most current code in research was such a large effort, I wasn’t really willing to port anything to Java that wasn’t “officially” sanctioned; and decided to wait until efforts returned to officially sanctioned version of algorithms and code.

Anyway, so I just wanted to give you a brief explanation as to why HTM.Java hasn’t been given much love in recent years!

There are a couple of libraries that were developed as support that are distributed by an alternate maven server under my jurisdiction, If you have trouble accessing any of it because I haven’t checked in in a while, Feel free to contact me?

Thank you for your interest in HTM.Java!


I get it. And just on the Numenta project, I will follow on their site. Looks like they are doing things with Microsoft research and Intel.

On htm.java, I like it more than the Python project… I guess because I am a java developer more I guess.

But Yea, I wanted to play with feeding in audio data and see if that gets detected/predicted, will let you know.

This is my fork already, hehe.

Well didn’t take long, I got this fork to build with Java.

Able to compile and run here.

I will have to look at the python one…but yea not a Python expert. I like that all the Java binaries are …mostly just there or easy to find. I tried to run the Python version and all the gcc compiles and downgrades messed up my system.

Note the original Numenta Python HTM library is not recommended but the the community ported it to Python3. (no downgrading required). You will find this in the htm.core repository in the HTM community’s GitHub site.

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Thanks, why did I not see this, hehe.

No java one… I can help with it.

Hi @Berlin_Brown,

Welcome! Just so you know there’s a wrapper module around htm.core - so you don’t need to deal with the api directly. Rather you fill in some yaml config values to match your data, and it should work as long as your data is numeric. If you’d like to try here it is: GitHub - gotham29/htm_streamer: A wrapper around htm.core for streaming anomaly detection on numeric or categorical data

Best of luck!