Any htm slides?

Do you have any publicly available slide resources? I want to present this material to my colleagues and I need visual aids. I’ve found the slides in the Youtube presentations particularly helpful, but any links to those slides are since broken.

Any help would be appreciated.

Which ones do you need? Links to the videos would be helpful. We can probably make the slides available easily.

Hi @jacobeverist,

Sorry to hear you’re finding broken links. If you can let me know where you’re coming across these broken links, I’ll look into fixing them.

We do have a slideshare account where you can find many of our presentations:

As @subutai mentioned, if you have specific slides you’re looking for, let us know that, too. If they’re not publicly available, I can track them down for you.

I particularly like this talk and the visuals that come with it. Lots of good walking through complex topics.


Actually there’s a link to slides that seems to be working. I don’t think it was working before. &

Does that resources/presentations directory have any more gems? It’s not publicly viewable.

No, those are the only files in there :slight_smile: