Jeff's Hopkins APL Presentation ... video/slides available?

Super excited to see any video/deck/notes from Jeff’s talk at Hopkins on 21st.
When do you think that might become available, post event? @rhyolight @cmaver
(if only the gig was happening in the Mountcastle Auditorium … the symmetry would be delicious)
Good luck to all engaged.

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Thats a shame,

Any update on possible publications around this area? Still hoping for October this year?

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I gave the Johns Hopkins APL talk on Friday. They record these talks but don’t make them available outside of Johns Hopkins. The organizer said he would work with us to allow us to post the video. It could take a few weeks to prepare the video and get approval. We will be releasing two new papers in October, hopefully before my talk at the Human Brain Project Summit on October 15.


thanks @jhawkins and @rhyolight - good luck with the papers, and onwards to Maastricht!

I see that the APL talk and slides have been posted


I’ve participated in a Colloquium at APL and in my experience, some of the best discussions come from the questions from the APL scientists. Was there a Q&A (video ended right after the talk)? Anything interesting?



A gaggle of us stuck around for a hour, maybe hour and a half. There were a decent number of disciplines present, but the discussion was (unsurprisingly) dominated by various neuroscientists, either making connections to their own work (and sharing papers) or poking at the presentation. One fellow in particular seemed adamant that the visual cortex had to be fundamentally different from the rest. Wish I had a more interesting report; I was in over my head, to be honest.