Brains@Bay Talk: Lateral connections in the neocortex, Wednesday June 3, 10am PDT

This Wednesday June 3, we will be holding a Brains@Bay talk at 10am PDT. If you’re unfamiliar with Brains@Bay, it’s a meetup group one of our researchers started last year that focuses on how neuroscience can inspire us to create improved artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

This Wednesday, we’re doing a special edition of the meetup in lieu of our regular Numenta Research meeting. We have invited researchers from the Allen Institute for Brain Science to discuss their recently published paper on modeling these connections. Speakers will be Stefan Mihalas, Ramakrishnan Iyer, and Brian Hu. For more details or to register for the talk, you can visit the Meetup page:


Thank you.

Will it be streamed? Or will it be recorded and posted on YouTube?


It will be shown live via zoom (need to register on to get the link). We’ll also post the recording on YouTube shortly after.