Brains@Bay Talk December 15, 10am PT: Sensorimotor Learning in AI

Hi everyone! We’re having our next Brains@Bay meetup next Wednesday, December 15 at 10am PT. We’re focusing on how sensorimotor learning can lead to more flexible and robust machine learning systems.

We have a great lineup of speakers, with Rich Sutton (DeepMind and U of Alberta), Clément Moulin-Frier (Flowers Lab), and Viviane Clay (Numenta), followed by a discussion panel and Q&A.

If you can’t join live, we’ll share the recording after the event.

You can find the details of the talks and RSVP here: Sensorimotor Learning in AI | Meetup

Hope to see you there!


Here’s the recording of the meetup:

And link to the slides / follow up Q&A with Viviane:

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