Any update on Jeff's new book?

To those who work with Jeff, is there any update on Jeff’s new book? Like its potential release date or progress of it? I’m very excited.


I don’t work with him but I’ve heard he finished writing it!
I’m hoping to see another big wave starting by releasing this book like he did with On Intelligence!! :smiley:


Thank you for asking. I have finished a draft manuscript and we are currently speaking to publishers. The book industry is slow. The earliest it could be available would be sometime early next year.

We hope to start talking more about the content later this year. Jeff


Any chance to help you - by reading pre-proof chapters - and crowd-source the bug-hunting?

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I find your almost innate understanding of how to go about this just as fascinating as the content of what you and Numenta are producing. Your intuition is pretty remarkable. Huge fan of your work, and I honestly can’t wait for the book.