Special for HTM Forum members - signed copies of A Thousand Brains

We’ve set up a way for HTM Forum members to receive a signed copy of Jeff’s new book, A Thousand Brains. You can use this link to place an order:

“But wait!” you say. “What if I already pre-ordered it on Amazon?”
No problem. You can cancel the Amazon pre-order and place an order here. Shipping costs vary per country, but they do ship globally and you’ll receive a discount on the book as well. You can order up to 5 copies. (Total quantity is limited to 100)

Please note that if speed matters most, Amazon orders will arrive sooner. These signed books will take 3-5 days to ship after March 2.

Feel free to contact me directly (cmaver@numenta.com) if any questions, issues with the site or if you find they don’t ship to your area.

Looking forward to hearing all of the reactions and setting up a Q&A with Jeff once the book is out!


Nice offer thanks for setting this up @cmaver - I wanted to Order, went to site, but the shipping charges (to UK) almost doubles the price, so I’ll get it ordered standard through Amazon when available. Thanks.

I ordered the signed copy on March 2 (shipping to Australia was $US20), but it’s still showing as “In Progress”.

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Thanks for letting us know. Let me see if we can get an update from the distributor today.

I ordered a copy on Feb. 25th and I paid it by my credit card.
Today, out of nowhere, they charged me on the credit card again.
Did this happen to anyone else here?

Hey @hsgo I though that too. I saw a message on 25th but credit card was not charged (it’s not my credit card bill). Today I see the charge. It confused me at first but checking with the bank, there’s only today’s charge. Check with your bank to be sure.

I hope this makes sense.

In my case, it was charged twice. I have contacted them but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

If you have ordered through the link and are awaiting shipment, I apologize for the unexpected delay. We’re trying to expedite with the distributor, but you can also forward the confirmation email you received from 800-CEO-READ to me at cmaver@numenta.com, and I will follow up on your specific order. We want to get these books in your hands!


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