Brains@Bay Talk this Wednesday "A Thousand Brains: a fireside chat with Jeff Hawkins"

Continuing the discussion from A Thousand Brains Q&A with Jeff for the HTM Community:

Based on the feedback from the community, we think it makes the most sense not to duplicate a separate Q&A event here. Instead, I encourage anyone interested in learning more or asking questions can join the Brains@Bay meeting this Wednesday April 14. There’s a link to post questions ahead of time (on Slido), so you don’t have to be there live to ask your questions. And it will be recorded and shared on our YouTube channel.

If there’s future demand for a separate community, we can revisit and see what makes sense.


I am collecting all the book related questions posted on this Forum and will be sending them to our Brains@Bay meetup host Lucas. If you’ve already posted a question here or anywhere on the forum, no need to repost them on Slido. You can ask shorter questions there. Hope to see everyone on Wednesday!

Brains@Bay is a public MeetUp group

The event where Jeff will present is A Thousand Brains: a fireside chat with Jeff Hawkins | Meetup

There is shows the Zoom link Launch Meeting - Zoom

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT


Thanks for the reminder.

@clai When would the stream be available online? I missed it. Thanks.

The recording will be up no later than Friday. I will post the video link on the forum when it is uploaded!


The recording of yesterday’s Brains@Bay meetup is uploaded to our Youtube channel:


It was mentioned towards the end of Brains@Bay event, that our questions would be collected in a Word document and perhaps answered at some level. Just in case this does occur, please post a reference to the answers in this thread. If not, please also mention it. I personally follow the published research meetings. I find answers to many questions in those. Thank you!

I also wish to mention that I do have some feedback to the book, if that is of any interest, as I have the perspective of a frequent forum participant. I will post a short feedback soon.


I will post the link of the follow-up Q&A on this thread when it’s posted to our website - we’re working on it!


You can find the follow-up Q&A here: Brains@Bay - A Thousand Brains: a fireside chat with Jeff Hawkins

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