AppVeyor CI

We use AppVeyor-CI for our Windows related builds and validation of PRs (pull-requests). With Travis-CI used for Linux related building and testing. The AppVeyor environment for builds is documented here.

AppVeyor is Running for:

Travis-CI equivalent links:

Run AppVeyor CI on your forks

It’s easy to run the nupic build process using AppVeyor-CI (AV) on your forks. You’ll need to create an appveyor account first, then fork nupic and/or nupic.core. In your local fork, you’ll have the appveyor.yaml file, which is configured to run on every branch except master (you don’t have to touch it). To enable appveyor on your fork, go to your projects and click the switch for ‘New Project’ and add your NuPIC or NuPIC.Core fork. You should see an appveyor build running any time you push to branches on your fork.

Also, when you submit a PR against master, appveyor will run against the PR whether you’ve set up an appveyor account or not. During this time, there is an indication on github that the pull request may not be safe to merge. Once the travis and appveyor builds pass, the warning is replaced by a “good to merge” note.