Are there specifically mapped motor areas in M1

How likely is this to be true?

…that there are specifically mapped motor areas in M1? :stuck_out_tongue:

You just wanted to post the creepy picture, didn’t you? haha


@cogmission I think findings like that are well established, dating back to 1950’s. Some people say it’s a representation of specific motor actions rather than a representation of body parts. A relatively recent paper is here:


@subutai Thanks for the paper. I read a little over half of it, and it was very accessible. It’s very interesting that they use a topographical model to map features onto a 2 Dimensional cortical surface and can sufficiently corroborate their understanding by predicting the location of features with a respectable degree of accuracy. It seems to my limited exposure, that model alignment is a popular technique for substantiating theories, eh? I like being exposed to the “language” of research - its objectivity makes me very conscious of my own tendency toward bias and egocentricity in my own perspective on life - it’s interesting.