Best outside resources for someone new?

Hi all,

Outside of Numenta’s resources (this forum, HTM School, papers, research meetings, etc.), what additional places would you recommend a newbie turn to for relevant neocortical theory and computer science / engineering learning? Are there any particular graduate programs, books, articles, etc. that stand out to you?

As someone new to both neuroscience and computer science but bitten by the bug, I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide and am sure others on the forum would be interested to hear your responses as well. Given that Numenta is fairly unique in how biologically-focused their approach to AGI has been, I have had a difficult time finding companies or programs that share this angle and have felt I either need to devote my time to the neuroscience side or computer science side.

Thank you for your help!

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I’m not sure about books, etc… But I’ve been working on a fast HTM implementation Etaler and are now working my way to publish some of by results as academic papers (mostly regarding how HTM can be optimized from a algorithmic/processor point). Its built to feel more like DeepLearning libraries and operates more in the computing world. Hope you find it useful to understand HTM from a computing perspective.

You also might want to have a look into computational neural science. I find the knowledge very helpful when dealing with HTM.


Have you browsed our resource page?


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