Required Neuroscience/Computational Neuroscience Pre-Reading?

Would anyone be so kind as to contribute some pre-Numenta references so that before getting into the papers, one may have a ground-up readiness for them? I know very little about neuroscience but I taught myself computer science and engineering so, why not?


Hi Tom. Welcome to the forum.

Honestly, I think if you start with one of Jeff’s video presentations, you’ll have all the introduction you need. This one is not the most recent but I think it gives a broad overview:

If you want to delve into the biological side of the subject, I recommend the Khan Academy series:

Happy quest. :-).


As far as “traditional” neural networks, this two volume set is good:

Explorations in parallel distributed processing

Often found as used books for reasonable prices.

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I got some good advice in this thread: Advice on further study


Hi Tom

I recently came across “Cortical Columns and Planning Models” (Schmansky 2004, 10 pages). The first half of this, sections I-IV, seem to me a good summary of the cortical column/minicolumn/layer/connections structures relevant to HTM.

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