Calculate the prediction raw error (score) based on the predicted cells and active cells

I just looked the code in htm_prediction_model and see the raw score is calculated based on the predicted columns and the active columns.

Due to the whitepaper and other published papers, I have no knowledge about how to determine whether a column is in prediction state or not, but I know the mechanism to determine the predicted cells. Thus, I’m confused if there exists a method to calculate the score based on the active cell and predicted cell. If yes, where is it? in which file?

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That specific output value is computed in the TMRegion’s code:

The underlying method is here:

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I have read the introduction about the prediction cells Vs. confidence as below.

From my point, the predicted columns is a column with non-zero confidence, that means, if a column has a cell whose confidence is greater than a threshold, then the column is in a predictive state. Am I right?

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