How to get predicted and active cells, active minicolumns, etc

I have run TemporalAnomaly model based on my data. I got actual value from record[ ] , predictive value from result.inferences[“multiStepBestPredictions”][1] and Anomaly score from result.inferences[“anomalyScore”].

I would like to confirm that the “anomalyScore” are calculated by using Predicted and Active columns where the Predicted columns is not equal to predictive value and Active columns also not equal to actual value.

Another question is how can I access the Predicted and Active columns?

Thank you

See the NuPIC Usage FAQ where it says “how to extract internal state”.

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Thank you @rhyolight.

I have another questions. Why when I run “TemporalAnomaly”, the predicted values and actual values always the same?

Because it doesn’t have a good idea about what to predict. TemporalAmomaly models are not parameter-tuned to create good predictions, they are tuned to give good anomaly indications.

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